Is your nonprofit organization ready to accelerate its education impact with the help of technology industry professionals, technology solutions and matched funding?







If you head up a nonprofit organization, you understand the value of skilled technology resources, relevant solutions and sustainable results. Our nonprofit clients stand to benefit from more than 100,000 USD worth of pro bono time1 and technology expertise, as well as access to up to 15,000 USD that must be matched by the nonprofit. Our Team4Tech program managers will work with you to define the scope of work for your project. Then, once we identify a corporate partner aligned with your needs, our teams of experienced technology professionals will work with your staff for six to eight weeks of project preparation and two weeks of in-country implementation, putting bright minds to good use for your organization. To learn more about Team4Tech's project requirements and development process, download the NPO Onboarding Kit.

1 Source: Taproot Foundation. $100,000 value of pro bono time is based on a $150/hr estimate for mid-level IT professional time and assumptions about how muchtime a 5-person team spends preparing and deploying.

We Bring


Technology Volunteers

Team4Tech partners with leading technology companies to engage their employees on the project, and we cover the full in-country costs for the volunteers.

Software & Content

Team4Tech works with technology volunteers and nonprofit partners to identify relevant technology solutions.

Teacher & Entrepreneur Training

To ensure sustainability and maximize impact, Team4Tech focuses on teacher and entrepreneur training to reach more students.

15,000 USD Matching Grant

Team4Tech can provide a matching grant of up to 15,000 USD for nonprofit clients to purchase hardware, software and other necessary infrastructure to get started.

You Bring


Accredited Nonprofit

An accredited nonprofit focused on improving the quality of early childhood, primary, secondary or vocational education.

Staff Support

Local staff that can actively engage before, during and after the project to support scoping, implementation and evaluation.

Impact Assessment

The ability to define and measure concrete teaching and learning objectives, with support from Team4Tech’s Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit and Evaluation & Sustainability Plan.

Logistics Planning & Host Support

Local staff who can assist with logistics planning and hosting during the project.

Our Nonprofit Partners










Nonprofit Project Timeline


of Interest

30 minutes; 6+ months
before project

Nonprofit submits Expression of Interest form that demostrates compatibility with Team4Tech's project criteria. 



2 hours; 5+ months
before project

Nonprofit submits Project Application that includes short and long-term goals and a detailed impact assessment plan. 



4 hours/week; 4-5 months
before project

Team4Tech and nonprofit refine the scope of work, project logistics and equipment purchases. Nonprofit collects baseline data. 



35 hours/week; 1-2 weeks

Nonprofit assists with program logistics and beneficiary management while volunteers execute the project plan. 



1 hour/month; 12-14
months post-project

Nonprofit is responsible for project sustaninability, impact assessment data collection and planning with Team4Tech for subsequent projects. 



If your nonprofit is ready to benefit from a Team4Tech project, apply as a nonprofit and check out our past, current and upcoming projects. Please download the NGO Onboarding Kit to learn more about partnering with Team4Tech.