Team4Tech’s immersive, short-term service learning projects are designed to support corporate social responsibility goals and to provide employees with a valuable professional development opportunity.






Service Learning Benefits for Companies


Two-thirds of employees feel more engaged at work because of their employer’s corporate social responsibility program. 1

Millennials rank a company’s cause work as the #3 factor when applying for a job.2

Employees who can make a social impact through their job are twice as satisfied as those who don't.3

Leadership Skills Development for Employees

Team4Tech's unique volunteer training curriculum incorporates human-centered design, promotes creative problem solving, and helps volunteers understand emerging markets and cultural contexts.

“Team4Tech is an opportunity to see the work that you do applied to a purpose that is greater than the product.” 


– Naveen Musinipally, Intel volunteer

How It Works

The full cost of the volunteer project, which corporate partners can choose to fully or partially cover for their employees, covers all project costs, including local accommodations, meals and transportation, but it excludes airfare, vaccinations and visas.

Projects are designed to provide a fully immersive local experience. Teams typically consist of five to twelve volunteers, with direct support from one or two Team4Tech staff.

Team4Tech can help identify nonprofit organizations that best fit the corporate partner’s skills and interests to design a tailored project.

Download the Corporate Onboarding Kit to learn more about partnering with Team4Tech.


Recruit Volunteers

Team4Tech works with corporate partners to recruit and select volunteers 


Volunteer Training

Team4Tech provides six to eight weeks of training on project preparation and leadership development.  Volunteers dedicate around four hours per week in this phase.




Volunteers spend one to two weeks at the partner nonprofit organization to implement the project, which can consist of teacher training, computer lab set-up and software installation.


Share Expericets

Share Experiences

Volunteers return home with a renewed perspective, increased empathy and a broader worldview.  They are encouraged to share their stories with their colleagues.


Continue Partnership

Continue Partnership

Team4Tech continues to work with the nonprofit partner to ensure the impact measurement, sustainability and full integration of the program.


 “The experience made me revisit what it means to be a leader.”


– Gloria Falcinelli, VMware volunteer


Corporate Partners

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